First Post

First things first: a warm welcome to blog readers and participants.

We all have a list of first times in our lives. Many of them form significant turning points and memories. Well this is my First Post.


I was inspired to set up a blog after reading Lauren Cook’s article about the use of blogging in classroom teaching practice. This article was published in the latest ‘Idiom’ (Vol 48 No 3 2012), the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English magazine. After reflecting on the ideas presented in this article, I considered how a blog could be a very useful tool in my tutoring role.

I am holding high hopes that this could be a great way to:

  1. share ideas and relevant internet links with students;
  2. create a repository for my teaching notes; and
  3. provide a medium for interactive and reflective learning processes beyond teaching and tutoring sessions.

I look forward to sharing this exploration with you.



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (where it’s trying to be a warm and sunny summer but is more like autumn heading for winter).