Mindfulness in May

Hi there,

I’m mindful that it’s been quite awhile since my last post.
A new granddaughter has entered my world which is very exciting. It has also distracted me from my thought processes about and plans for posts. That’s ok. That’s life.

I came across this today and thought it may be useful for others in dealing with life’s daily and exceptional events.


Then I came across this talk on 4 May 2013 from TEDx Sydney (an annual TED style event). It’s title is ‘Finding Your Inner Voice’ and it covers ideas about intuition and mind-body connection or mindfulness about our emotions seated in our bodies. This is really worth a listen:   http://tedxsydney.com/#&panel1-2

The day long event had foods produced locally delivered to the caterers in the days beforehand. They did not know what was going to be delivered. It’s been called Crowd Farming. What an amazing concept!  Be inspired!  http://tedxsydney.com/#&panel1-1

Hoping to post again soon.
Take care and cheers.