Firewalls of the Mind and Hypertextuality


This link is to beedieu‘s (Barbara Dieu) fascinating photograph of graffiti on The Berlin Wall before it was brought down. Is it really on the wall or is it a digitally manipulated image? See this post by Barbara Dieu:

The ‘graffiti’ reads: “BLOG AND BRING DOWN THE FIREWALLS OF THE MIND”. Dieu references the phrase “firewalls of the mind” within it. Comments follow in which someone asks if Vance Stevens knew his phrase had been used. He replies that he did and gives a reference link to an article referencing both his first use of the phrase in a publication and Barbara Dieu’s photograph in an exploration of the benefits and barriers to using ICT in teaching practice:                                         

This describes a wonderful example of hypertextuality. Moreover, my description of the hypertextuality demonstrated in these posts has links inserted within it which are also a demonstration of hypertextuality.


Furthermore, the photograph and related blogs raise issues about:

1. the credibility of the photographic visual image in the digital era and the implications of this;

2. the context of The Berlin Wall and what leads people and societies to build such walls then, decades later, break them down again;

3. the value of graffiti as valid social critique and commentary or art (or the harm in its anti-social sentiments and anarchistic aesthetic);

4. the effectiveness and desirability of blogging and other internet based social intercourse in changing how people think about things, educational processes and society generally.

Keep your eyes open and your mind sharp.