Kalliope Amorphous_Imitation Vs. Inspiration: On Creativity And Visual Plagiarism

Here is a reasoned call to artistic (and, I would argue, intellectual) authenticity from the blog of Kalliope Amorphous: Imitation Vs. Inspiration: On Creativity And Visual Plagiarism. The copying of a visual artwork, complete with a largely cut and pasted artist’s statement, described in this post would be called plagiarism in the academic world and viewed with disappointment, distrust and disgust. It is a breach of trust at an individual and community level.

Referencing and developing fresh ideas around other people’s ideas is how the world of ideas maintains momentum and it should be encouraged. However, referencing is the key word. We need to be honest and courageous enough to acknowledge credit where it is due.

With this in mind, go forth and create.



Mindfulness in May

Hi there,

I’m mindful that it’s been quite awhile since my last post.
A new granddaughter has entered my world which is very exciting. It has also distracted me from my thought processes about and plans for posts. That’s ok. That’s life.

I came across this today and thought it may be useful for others in dealing with life’s daily and exceptional events.


Then I came across this talk on 4 May 2013 from TEDx Sydney (an annual TED style event). It’s title is ‘Finding Your Inner Voice’ and it covers ideas about intuition and mind-body connection or mindfulness about our emotions seated in our bodies. This is really worth a listen:   http://tedxsydney.com/#&panel1-2

The day long event had foods produced locally delivered to the caterers in the days beforehand. They did not know what was going to be delivered. It’s been called Crowd Farming. What an amazing concept!  Be inspired!  http://tedxsydney.com/#&panel1-1

Hoping to post again soon.
Take care and cheers.


Students of VCE English may have to write a piece in the imaginative mode for the Context study. It is most probable that the form of creative writing will require writing good prose (unless poetry is chosen).

What is good prose?

Good prose is writing which compels the reader to read on.

It generates mind pictures, atmosphere and mood.  It establishes characters and it arouses curiosity about them and their circumstances, relationships and motivations. It constructs captivating dilemmas, responses and consequences. It elicits emotional responses. It stimulates thought. It satisfies the aesthetic sense through form, language and storytelling. It feeds the ethical and philosophical sense: it can prick the conscience or offer a mirror to reflect on one’s humanity and the condition of Mankind.

How does an author or writer develop satisfying pieces of writing?

  • Authority, authenticity and finding the heart of the story
  • Imagery, sensory detail and providing a fresh ‘vision’
  • Conciseness, flair and making every word matter
  • Rhythm, euphony and creating  pitch, pace and pause
  • Poise, elegance and shaping a unique narrative

What can you do to find inspiration and develop writing skills

Just do it!

Other things you can practise:

  • Observation of people and surroundings.Image
  • Listening closely to the stories people tell each other.
  • Awareness of all the senses and how they inform our perception of the world
  • Exercise curiosity about what you hear, see and read. Ask yourself questions like: Why might this have happened? What is likely to happen as a consequence? What other possible explanations are there? Who else may have been affected or involved? What may have motivated certain actions? What would the situation have been like? How might the people involved have felt? How would I feel? What would I have done? Etc.
  • Recording your observations as above and your memories of experiences or stories — carry a notebook and pen or use digital notepad.
  • Reading widely and closely — explore a range of text types.
  • Writing a little every day — set aside 5-10 minutes to do writing exercises.
  • Researching specifics of subject matter, place, era, objects etc.
  • Having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and give it a go.
  • Having the persistence to keep at it, to chip away at it, to craft it.                                                    Just do it!

Controlling Killer Mosquitoes


Here’s a link to a short talk by Hadyn Parry on attempts to control the dengue fever carrying mosquito:

Filmed Nov 2012; posted Jan 2013. TEDSalon London Fall 2012; ted.com

Below are URL links to research being conducted at Monash University and James Cook University within an international team approach.

“The Australian field trials of the Eliminate Dengue Program are part-funded by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health through the Grand Challenges in Global health Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”



It is very refreshing to know that some extremely, even excessively, wealthy people, like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, also have a strong social conscience. Philanthropy is most definitely something to be encouraged when it demonstrates such vision and ethical integrity.

Kudos to all involved in such brilliant and important endeavours.


PS: Advertising works! My curiosity was aroused when I read an advertising banner over a Freeway in Melbourne for Monash University research into eliminating this dengue fever carrying pest. It’s gone now (replaced by Christmas ham ads!)

A Challenge with a Difference: Drop-by Drawing@NGV

Here’s the challenge: Step out of your comfort zone!

2012 Photos from Julie's iPhone 551

This is one of my granddaughter’s early artistic attempts using an iPhone app. It was way out of her comfort zone but it was an eye opener for her. 


The NGV is offering a wonderful creative and free experience: Drop-by Drawing. Over the next 3 Sundays, between 2pm & 4pm, anyone interested in giving drawing a go will be offered inspiration and guidance by an artist.

It’s not English — and it’s not cricket. It’s  a different way to see the world around you and express yourself in a visual way.


I think it’s all in black & white, so no need to worry about colour choices 😉


I hope to make it to at least one. I hope you do too.

See you there?