Controlling Killer Mosquitoes


Here’s a link to a short talk by Hadyn Parry on attempts to control the dengue fever carrying mosquito:

Filmed Nov 2012; posted Jan 2013. TEDSalon London Fall 2012;

Below are URL links to research being conducted at Monash University and James Cook University within an international team approach.

“The Australian field trials of the Eliminate Dengue Program are part-funded by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health through the Grand Challenges in Global health Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

It is very refreshing to know that some extremely, even excessively, wealthy people, like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, also have a strong social conscience. Philanthropy is most definitely something to be encouraged when it demonstrates such vision and ethical integrity.

Kudos to all involved in such brilliant and important endeavours.


PS: Advertising works! My curiosity was aroused when I read an advertising banner over a Freeway in Melbourne for Monash University research into eliminating this dengue fever carrying pest. It’s gone now (replaced by Christmas ham ads!)


A Challenge with a Difference: Drop-by Drawing@NGV

Here’s the challenge: Step out of your comfort zone!

2012 Photos from Julie's iPhone 551

This is one of my granddaughter’s early artistic attempts using an iPhone app. It was way out of her comfort zone but it was an eye opener for her. 


The NGV is offering a wonderful creative and free experience: Drop-by Drawing. Over the next 3 Sundays, between 2pm & 4pm, anyone interested in giving drawing a go will be offered inspiration and guidance by an artist.

It’s not English — and it’s not cricket. It’s  a different way to see the world around you and express yourself in a visual way.

I think it’s all in black & white, so no need to worry about colour choices 😉


I hope to make it to at least one. I hope you do too.

See you there?