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My name is Julie Tawse.

I am trained and experienced in secondary level English and SOSE, as well as Literacy Curriculum Support across all levels.

Currently, I am a tutor with a specialist VCE English and Literature focus.

My address for tuition is 6/42B Wantirna Road, Ringwood, Victoria 3136.
I can be contacted on 0433 131 164.

I am also a writer.

My poetry has been published in anthologies, a local literary magazine and a poetry ezine and has been shortlisted for the Woorilla Poetry Prize. My lyrics have received prizes and mentions in Australian songwriting competitions and mention in an American competition. No first prizes yet — and no fortune [chuckles]. I’ve had a short travel piece published in a state newspaper and an essay in a local literary magazine. At present I am ‘taking it easy’ in a local Writing for Pleasure group while concentrating on my tutoring work and this blog.


3 comments on “About

  1. I’m curious. What brought you to follow my page?

    I should really make another post that is, somehow, stickied to the top of my blog asking after that from everyone who follows. It could be interesting. Then again, it could be a little disheartening: only two people responded.

    • I read your challenging observations in the comments section after gpicone’s sounding of the alarm in ‘The Great American…Loan’ blog post.(http://ipledgeafallegiance.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/the-great-american-loan/).

      Following exploration of some of your poetry and posts expressing your take on social and ethical aspects of gaming, I decided to follow your blog. I’m not very familiar with the gaming world but it is one in which many of my students engage regularly.so it is good to get an inside yet lateral perspective. I’m also wanting to read more of your poetry.

      Hopefully not disheartening.

      • It was quite the opposite, Julie, thank you. Perhaps today I will get to finish ‘The Choice’ and, with that finished, order the poems in Ashes of Happiness, Seeds of Hope before too long. ‘The Choice’ is the final poem in that collection and I look forward to putting it up in the Box for people to read.

        If you have any observations in respect to my poetry, or anything else, do feel free to comment. So few people actually utilise that feature.

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